Snowboarding, Lifting, Butts & Some Other Shit

Hey, the names Conor born and raised in New Jersey and now in college in Colorado studying ski & snowboard business!

Snowboarding, Lifting, Butts & Some Other Shit

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My Friday night is getting CrAzY!! Catching up on True Blood & stuffing my face, while answering emails… It’s the little things!
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This is my mantra while he is away.

Coast Guard

Happy RED Friday everyone! This pic has Everyone included, much love for the Coast Guard too!!
It really bothers me when people talk about the military branches but leave out the Coast Guard

Happy Memorial Day! We thank all men and women that have served to keep this country safe!

Damn proud

During WWII, the Coast Guard Beach Patrol covered more than 3,700 miles of coast and employed about 24,000 men. Patrols on horseback worked in pairs, riding about 100 feet apart, usually covering a 2-mile stretch. They were called “Sand Pounders” and were able to cover difficult terrain quickly and efficiently. 1945.

"We are the only military organization with arresting authority. Since 1790, we are the ‘law of the sea’." - US Coast Guard

U.S. Marines on Guam salute the U.S. Coast Guard on Coast Guard Day

The U.S. Marines salute the U.S. Coast Guard after the fury of battle had subsided and the Japanese on Guam had been defeated. “They (the Coast Guard) Put Us Here and We Intend to Stay” is the way the Marines felt about it., ca. 08/1944

The precursor to the Coast Guard, the United States Revenue Cutter Service, was established under the Department of Treasury by Alexander Hamilton on August 4, 1790, now commemorated as Coast Guard Day.